Hello everyone! Today's build event went surprisingly well. There was more than 20 Players building their
hide and seek maps. We will host more events in future.

14 Oct 2017, 22:09 0 | 4

Hello everyone!
As you might know today we will be hosting build event. It will be hosted at creative server we will start at 14.00 or 2 PM UTC+1, You will be able to build in teams or solo, theme will be Hide And Seek Map. Top 5 Players will recieve HUGE reward!

The 2nd thing is i want you to answer this straw pool, We would like to know what minigame to add next!
We have few options: Paint Ball, Capture The Flag, Arena Brawl, Deme Line (Gun shooter).
Please come vote here: http://www.strawpoll.me/14142902

13 Oct 2017, 23:07 0 | 3

Hello everyone, It took us quite some time to get to this point!
But we finally got here, this is the final version of the website (i hope you like it lol).
Also this week we added 2 new gamemodes + 1 extra limited time one!

First one worth of mention is EggWars, Just like everyone wanted we added eggwars server with 3 maps for now: Caves, Aqua, Heaven!
As mentioned we also added creative server for everyone to improve their building skills! There will also be event this week if you want to know more follow this link: https://goo.gl/e5wYuq

If you watched that video above you should know that for limited time we are releasing Friday The 13Th minigame! Grand opening will be this friday have fun!

This week we also added new ranking sistem so please donators message us to get your ranks back!

11 Oct 2017, 21:13 1 | 3
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