HEY EVERYONE, First off we would like to wish you A HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Since XMAS sale was so successful we will extend it for another 14 days! As i said in discord post,
If we raise another 100 euro we will giveaway few steam games, crate keys, etc.. ALSO On this monday
1.1.2018 We will be hosting another dropparty event! This time there will be lots of rewards hope we see you there!

~eHeroes Staff Team

30 Dec 2017, 15:24 0 | 2

Začeli so se prazniki in za vas imamo zopet posebno ponudbo! Do konca praznikov velja popust -30% na vse RANKE IN CRATEKEYE! Ps. Na lobbuju je božiček pozabil kodo ki vam prinese 1x -50% popusta na ranke in cratekeye. Ekipa eHeroes vam želi vesele praznike! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Holidays started and we have a special offer for you again. Till the end of the holidays there is a 30% sale on our RANKS AND CRATEKEYS, PS: In the lobby the santa lost his code and if you find it, it gives you 50% sale on ranks and cratekeys. The staff team of eheroes wish you happy holidays.

22 Dec 2017, 21:32 0 | 4

Hey everyone! Tomorrow (Sunday) we will be hosting treasure hunt event! Event will start at 20.00 UTC +1 On survival server.
Players will be looking for chests containing rewards on our custom Xmas map! We are looking forward to playing with you!
~eHeroes Staff team.

17 Dec 2017, 10:55 0 | 6

I recently got asked my a group of people if players can you some forge mods.
Well you can only use cosmetic mods like:
- Capes
- Optifine

You cannot use any PvP, Visual, Movement or Building mods those include:
- Laby Mod 1.8 PvP
- Schematica (Build schematics with only clicking)
- Xray Mod
- Fly, Spider, Jesus (Wall climbing) (Water walking), ..

If we or Watch Dog sees you using one of banned mods you will be punished!

16 Dec 2017, 12:23 0 | 3

About a month ago we decided to change server location to Germany, Well it did not go as planned! Since we were third in Germany someone decided to bot eHeroes 3 times.
I guess this was due to saltines there but nevermind the problem is they also started sending "fake" votes at least it looks like this, So yesterday me and @FatRat_ decide to go back to Slovenia on server list cuz we had enough of this but NO the toxicity gets even better! 5 minutes after we change to Slovenian location on minecraft-mp we receive a warm welcome from one of server owners and guess from where? mcspam good thing is we can see a live attack map there lol. So whoever you don't need to be salty by disabling our server for 5 minutes you wont do much harm, but i hope you know that this is illegal in a way and someone is going to be responsible for this >>you<< not them read their tos. Happy playing everyone I just had to put this out there since "someone"  reported us for fake votes thanks bud your community is still shit.

Also a reminder Xmas is coming very soon and we will giveaway 1x king rank to lucky someone!

Surname censored for obvious reasons.

12 Dec 2017, 12:17 0 | 57
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